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Friday, December 28, 2018

Ufologists voiced three scenarios of human contact with aliens

For many centuries, humanity has been trying to understand whether there are other developed civilizations in the Universe, and if so, when and how this great meeting will take place. Ufologists talked about the three most likely scenarios.

  1. The first option , the saddest one, is based on the direct attack of aliens on humanity with the use of all the combat power. Being more technically equipped, alien beings will easily crush defending people, and then simply be destroyed or turned into slaves. The land will be completely at the mercy of the aggressors.
  2. The second scenario also does not tell us anything rainbow-colored, but aliens will pursue their goal in less destructive ways, using psychological influence as the main method. They will simply take control of the leaders of the world powers and will rule the entire planet with their hands.
  3. According to the third option , which, by the way, is very popular in the camp of UFO hunters, representatives of extraterrestrial races are already on our planet, live among people and contact with them, but hide their true origin. They do not pursue the goal of capturing the Earth, they simply observe and solve some of their tasks.

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