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Saturday, November 30, 2019

13 points that trigger amazing processes in the body

13 points that trigger amazing processes in the body-

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that involves impacting the human body with the palms and fingers. Pressing a particular intensity on the vital points of the body helps not only maintain, but also strengthen human health.
During exposure to the body, the immune system is stimulated. This massage also affects the cardiovascular and nervous system, muscles, endocrine system, etc., stimulating the body to a speedy cure. This is a versatile, restorative effect.

General rules of execution:

  1. Determine the necessary point to eliminate the ailments that bother you. First, apply gentle pressure for 30 seconds to improve local blood circulation.
  2. Then massage, trying not to cause pain: do 9 clockwise rotations and 9 counter-clockwise.
  3. The duration of the massage at each point should not exceed 3-4 minutes.
Here are the points that correspond to different ailments:

Point 1: Insomnia, neurosis, headache, migraine.

It is located on the head in the parietal fossa in the center of the line connecting the upper points of the auricles.
An effective remedy for insomnia: before going to bed, warm the entire spine with a hot stream of shower, starting from the cervical region, for 8-10 minutes. Then slightly wipe off and in a warm shirt go to bed immediately. Additionally, you can warm up the paranasal region, including the chin, while lying in bed.

Point 2: Visual impairment, nasal congestion.

Located at the inner corner of the eye, at a distance of about 0.3 cm.

Point 3: Dizziness, pain in the frontal part of the head, bladder.

Located at the beginning of the eyebrow, above point 2.
If you find soreness at point 3, this indicates a disease of the bladder. Massage this point as recommended to avoid or eliminate the onset of the disease.

Point 4: Poor vision, vascular headaches such as migraines.

Located at the outer end of the eyebrow.

Point 5: Cramps, insomnia, headache, dizziness, blurred vision.

Located in the center of the nose on a vertical line from the tip of the nose.
If the child has cramps, do not panic - do a gentle massage of point 5, and the child will calm down. And if you have insomnia, headache or dizziness, massage of this point will significantly improve your condition.

Point 6: Migraine.

It is located outside of the outer corner of the eye by about 0.6 cm.

Point 7: Headache, dizziness, eye disease, emotional distress.

Located in the temporal cavity between the outer end of the eyebrow and the apex of the ear.

Point 8: Headache, dizziness, disorders of speech, stomach, sinusitis.

It is located 1 cm below the midline of the orbit at the pupil level.
Soreness at this point may indicate a malfunction in the stomach or sinusitis.

Point 9: Nerve tick of the facial muscles.

Located outward from the corner of the mouth by 1 cm.

Point 10: Thyroid enlargement, speech disorder, cervical myositis.

Located in front and up from the angle of the lower jaw; if you probe this place, you will find a depression.
If you have any difficulty with turning your neck, forced tense position of the head - immediately proceed to massage point 10.

Point 11: Fainting, shock, hysterical seizure, swelling of the face, nerve tics.

Located under the tip of the nose in the upper third of the vertical furrow of the upper lip.

Point 12: The same as point 11, as well as activation of the function of the brain and internal organs.

It is located on the midline in the center of the chin labial groove.

Point 13: Relieve stress, fear, negative emotions.

Located in the center of the inside of the chin.
In case of any unpleasant unexpected news, fear, high emotional stress, apply pressure with your thumb on this point.
Have you tried such a massage?

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