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Friday, November 29, 2019

The theory of hollow earth has received scientific confirmation. What if the Nazis were right?(6 photos)

The theory of hollow earth has received scientific confirmation. What if the Nazis were right?

A new study published in the Journal of Science by geophysicists Jessica Irving and Wenbo Wu of Princeton University in collaboration with Sidao Ni of the China Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, proves the existence of a new region within the Earth, which should have mountain ranges and plains very similar to those that are observed on the surface of our planet.
To make and challenge such a shocking thesis, scientists rely on data obtained from the seismic waves of a large earthquake in Bolivia, located at a depth of 660 kilometers. This is the strongest event of this type, recorded back in 1994. Then, using the Tiger supercomputer at Princeton University, the researchers constructed a simulation of the dispersion of seismic waves in the bowels of the Earth.
The theory of hollow earth has received scientific confirmation. What if the Nazis were right?
While light waves can be reflected or refracted when they collide with a specific surface, seismic waves pass directly through homogeneous rocks, but are reflected or refracted when they collide with boundaries or irregularities. Using this property of seismic waves, researchers were able to map them to the bowels of our planet.
What they found there was very surprising. Scientists claim that the boundary created by analyzing seismic waves suggested the existence of open space with new mountain ranges larger than Apallahi or the Rocky Mountains.
Scientists have even tried to suggest that some of these underground chains may be larger than any of the mountains known on our planet. The found reliefs were not the only find, and this newly discovered space should include elevations and plains.
Having heard about such unusual discoveries, it is difficult not to recall the concept of an empty Earth that has appeared for centuries. The existence of a void within our planet has already been proposed by Plato and other ancient philosophers. Usually, belief in the existence of the underworld was associated with the so-called afterlife. Almost all nations have legends about the worlds inside the Earth. The Celts believed in them and, like the Greeks, spoke of these underground formations as great caves.
There is an Irish myth about the underground land of the tuata de danana, from where druidism was to be born. Indians have similar myths that tell legends about the people of Angami Naga, whose ancestors came from underground, where they lived in huge caves.
The theory of hollow earth has received scientific confirmation. What if the Nazis were right?

Until the nineteenth century, no one laughed at this hypothesis. For example, the famous Edmond Hally dealt with this issue. According to his proposal, which he formulated in 1692, another sphere is located 800 kilometers below the Earth, and then another, and only then the core. Halley believed that the underworlds were uninhabited.
In 1818, a man named John Cleves Simmes Jr. suggested that the Earth has an empty space of 1300 kilometers thick and stated that the entrances to its interior are at the poles. He even suggested organising an expedition to the North Pole and enlisted the support of a strong ally for this, because US President John Quincy Adams himself agreed to help fund the expedition. Unfortunately, then for several years the idea lost popularity, and when people reached Antarctica, the expected entrances to the inner world were not found there.
The theory of hollow earth has received scientific confirmation. What if the Nazis were right?
Even in the twentieth century, the theme of empty lands appeared from time to time, moving away from the scientific path to esotericism and forbidden secret knowledge. The concept of William Fairfield Warren appeared, according to which humanity arose on the continent of Hyperborea and actually emerged from the underworld, which is believed to be located at the North Pole.
The theme of the underworld comes back as a boomerang. Already after the Second World War, the concept arose that the mythical entrance to the underworld was found by the Germans, who showed great interest in Antarctica. Legend has it that there was an entrance to the underworld and part of the Nazis precisely for this, after the fall of the Third Reich, go to the so-called New Swabia, located in Antarctica.
The theory of hollow earth has received scientific confirmation. What if the Nazis were right?
Getting the information that there may be a huge unknown world hundreds of kilometers below our feet is so surprising that most people who hear about it do not recognise it, thinking that modern science cannot be so blind. However, given that the deepest well on the Kola Peninsula is still only 12 kilometers deep, why is there so much confidence that it assures that there is nothing lower? Given this new study, we can be relatively confident that there really is an area within our planet that resembles its surface. The question of how this is connected with the fantastic theories that have appeared over the centuries remains a controversial one.

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