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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Psychics of the CIA. US intelligence revealed the secret of life on Mars

Psychics of the CIA. US intelligence revealed the secret of life on Mars |

As you know, in 1984, the Americans did not go to Mars, however, the CIA found another way to explore the red planet. The Freedom of Information Act has led to the declassification of certain intelligence documents. It turned out that the CIA at that time used psychics (unless of course you believe them) to find out what happened on Mars several million years ago.
A transcript was discovered in a huge pile of CIA documents, according to which a psychic observed the presence of Martian civilisation on Mars. Here is an excerpt from that transcript (free translation):
“I look as if at an angle to ... uh ... a pyramid or a pyramid shape. This is a very high pyramid, it seems to be sitting in a great lowland. I see heavy, heavy clouds, more like a dust storm. I see the consequences of a serious geological problem. I see very big people. They look thin and tall, and wear some kind of clothes. "
Further, the psychic describes the space surrounding him (free translation):
“I am deep inside a cave, not a cave, rather a canyon. I look up and see walls that seem to stretch forever. And there, it’s like a structure ... as if the walls of the canyon were carved. Again, I see a very large structure ... huge sections of smooth stones ... it looks like rabbitry, its angles, they are really huge. The feeling that the ceiling is very high, the walls are very wide. It looks like it is at the very end of a very large road, and there is a sign there, very large. It looks like an obelisk ... I see the pyramids ... huge. They are like shelter from the storms. Different rooms ... but they are almost without furniture, it's like er ... a strictly functional place to sleep or not is not a suitable word, for hibernation in some form, I can’t, I get raw data, a storm, a wild storm, a dream during storms. These are ancient people. They are dying. Their time has already passed. They relate to this philosophically. They are just looking for a way to survive and they cannot. Obviously there was a ... a group or part of them that went in search of a ... a new place to live. I seem to see all forms of bribery among them. But it didn’t work, this group went off somewhere very quickly to find a new place to live. ”
Psychics of the CIA. US intelligence revealed the secret of life on Mars |
Perhaps this means that ancient people somehow made their way to Earth.
The strangest thing in all of this is that the psychic was not told in advance to imagine Mars several million years ago. He was given a sealed envelope, inside was a card with the inscription "Mars. About 1 million years BC. ” The psychic had no idea what was inside the envelope, but he clearly imagined Mars of the period of interest, just holding this envelope. 

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