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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What the Bible says about the end of the world

Experts in the field of studying all the unusual and paranormal recently released a new message regarding the coming end of the world. And to confirm their words, the experts used excerpts from the Bible, indicating that the ancients knew about the deadlines for the death of all life on Earth.

When to Wait for the End of the World According to Bible Prophecies

Not so long ago, on the Internet, they again started talking about the fact that the world expects the inevitable Apocalypse, and experts called the biblical prophecy from antiquity as the reason for this event. This was discussed by David Montaigne, who is already known in narrow circles as a theorist who understands the intricacies of deciphering the messages contained in the Holy Scriptures.
According to the expert, it’s very soon to wait for the end of the world to come — from December 21 of this year. And somehow to move or influence the rolling Armageddon will not work. It is about the fact that the Earth and all life on it will perish due to natural causes that a person can hardly resist even with the most modern technologies.
As for the specific reasons for the possible demise, it is worth highlighting the destruction of all megacities on the planet, which will become possible due to the destructive effect of space bodies. It is likely that we are talking about asteroids, meteor shower or some other such intervention, which will not leave room for a normal existence.
As an argument to confirm their words, experts cited the biblical information that he collected during his own study of the main book of most Christians.

What the Bible says about the end of the world

However, simultaneously with this biblical prophecy, another one travels on the Web, which was made long ago by Kenton Beshor, who is now departing in the world from another major World Bible Society.
In his work, the expert relied on the parable, which served as the basis for his forecast about the beginning of the end of the world, scheduled for 2021.
However, in addition to the immediate Apocalypse, those who can still survive in some miraculous way will be given the opportunity to see the new coming of Jesus Christ.

Is it worth believing the predictions about the end of the world

Against the background of the fact that predictions about the next “beginning of the end” are published with enviable constancy, people simply ceased to believe in their truthfulness. And if about fifty years ago each “doomsday” was timed to a round date, today today there is no such tradition among the foretellers. Instead, they rely on ancient texts, the Bible, personal visions, and the words of great fortune tellers from the past.
Due to inaccuracies in the translation, as well as a huge number of scammers, the dates of the Apocalypse are constantly shifting. Against this background, people were already tired of constantly preparing for the transferred Armageddon and simply stopped following the news on a topic related to the end of the world. But now a new portion of the prophecies with a reference to the Bible interested many.

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