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Sunday, January 5, 2020

UAVs targeting Suleimani rise from Qatar

According to ILNA, quoted by the Daily Mail website , an operation that killed Brigadier General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolution Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Force was led by a drone Amkyv -9.

The UAV fired several laser-guided missile launchers at the convoy of Sardar Suleimani and al-Ahmed al-Mohandes, the successor of al-Hashed al-Shaabi.
The UAV targeted two Toyota SUVs in which Commander Soleimani and Al-Mohandes were present. Sardar Suleimani and Al-Mohandes were in one of these cars and his bodyguards in the other.

The newspaper then reads the type of missiles used in the assassination of Sardar Suleimani, the helicopter anti-tank helicopter with a 5kg warhead that can also destroy the tank, and writes that four of these missiles were sent to the convoy of Sardar Soleimani. And Almohans was shot.
"The UAV is capable of precise attacks at a speed of 2 km/h and can send images to the headquarters," said DeMail. "The $ 2 million UAV is equipped with four helicopter laser guided missiles and pivotal bombs."
Reportedly, the UAV was launched from the US headquarters in Qatar.

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