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Friday, August 7, 2020

Stephen Hawking's latest reflections on God and the Universe

When Stephen Hawking (01/08/1942 - 03/14/2018) passed away, articles began to appear in which it was said that the theoretical physicist recognized the existence of God. Is it really? To find the truth, turn to his latest book, Brief Answers to Big Questions.
Hawking wrote this book until the very end of the time allotted to him on Earth. A slightly unfinished version was sent to print.
“Today science provides answers to questions that until recently were the prerogative of religion. In fairness, it should be noted that religion was the first attempt to answer the exciting questions: why are we here, where are we from? For many, the answer has remained unchanged: God created everything, ”Hawking wrote.
Further, the scientist said that the ancient world was frightening and mostly incomprehensible. People tried to somehow survive and believed in supernatural beings to give meaning to obscure phenomena. Today, poorly educated people continue to do the same, believing in signs, horoscopes and brownies.
“I have nothing against God. I'm just trying to find a rational system for understanding the Universe, of which each of us is a part. Many argue that people with disabilities like me are cursed by God, but I prefer to explain everything by the laws of nature, ”Hawking continued to develop his thought.
If you believe in science, you will be aware of the existence of the laws of nature, the universe itself. Those who believe in God will say that all these laws were dictated by God, but this, as Stephen Hawking said, is not proof of his existence, but only a subjective definition of God and the divine given by a group of religious people.

“I, like Einstein, use the word“ God ”in an impersonal sense to generalize the whole variety of laws of nature. Comprehension of God's purpose is comprehension of the laws of the Universe. Perhaps by the end of the century we will comprehend the Plan of God, ”added the physicist.
Hawking then delved into mathematics with lengthy reasoning and concluded that "God's services are simply not needed to create a beautiful universe." The universe exists on its own and cannot be controlled by someone, even if that someone is an “omnipresent something”.

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